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Maison Marbella

Welcome to the World of Marbella!

We love when Women embrace their many facets: playful, sexy, rebellious, masculine...Which one are you today? at this moment? tonight?

Marbella's Skin Jewels magically adorn the body in a free and unconventional way. No attachments, only beautiful stones and designs magnifying the naturally sensual beauty of the skin, revealing your unique beauty and spirit, and never quite twice the same.


Be you. All you. #IamMarbella.



L'Atelier Marbella 

Each Jewel is handmade in France in Marbella’s Atelier by highly-skilled artisans in the various techniques involved in Luxury.

(seal Creation Francaise)

Just like for Haute-Couture and Haute-Jewelry, an extreme attention is brought to each detail so that each piece comes to life with the pure beauty and refinement that is the ultimate sign of Luxury.

Only the highest quality materials are selected for their natural aesthetics: embroideries and Calais laces ; Swarovski crystals and precious stones ; silicone, glitters and natural pigments…

Besides the custom-made pieces and special orders created for prestigious brands in Fashion, Couture and Beauty, L’Atelier Marbella produces over 200 designs a year for the Marbella brand.


Prestigious Collaborations

Marbella Paris is now synonymous with Luxury Skin Jewelry and has attracted some of the biggest names in Haute-Couture, Fashion, and Cosmetics. They all rely on Adeline’s expertise to design and make unique and fabulous pieces for them.



  • Luxury Creation Talent Nominee 2013
  • Beauty Challenger Awards Winner 2013
  • Stars and Businesses Innovation Trophy Winner 2013
  • Make-up Innovation Trophy Nominee, Paris 2012
  • Entrepreneurship Trophy Winner 2006


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