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Customer Service

Although we operate as a Luxury Industry and abide by the most strict standards, we realize that real life situations can happen and we want to make sure that you, as our dear client, get the highest level of service you deserve.

Each Jewel is handmade by highly skilled experts is luxury jewelry, with the utmost care and passion for their art. It is then thoroughly and systematically inspected before leaving our Ateliers, and again before it is shipped to you in its beautiful packaging and shipping box or bubbled-envelope (typically used for small tattoos and flat skin jewels). As a Luxury brand, we make every effort to deliver a quality that we are proud of and you can trust.


In the sad event that you were to receive a product clearly defective or damaged in transit, please know that Marbella Paris will do everything in its power to correct the situation in the best time frame possible. Please contact our US offices within 7 days after delivery: and provide a picture of the defective or damaged product. Passed that timeframe, we regret to not be able to receive any claims. 
Instructions: please mail the piece to Marbella Paris US for inspection. If it is concluded that the piece was delivered to you defective or damaged, we will fast-forward the fabrication of your piece and have it shipped to you as soon as possible. Shipping costs both ways will be ours.


Given the highly sensitive nature of the Skin Jewels and their inherent hygiene factor, please understand that we cannot accept returns. This strict policy is enforced to ensure that you can be fully certain that the Jewel you receive has never been touched by another client, let alone worn, and is coming straight from our Atelier.


In the event that you damage your Jewel during the course of its natural lifetime  and wish to have it fixed, Marbella Paris is committed to providing assistance and service on a case-by-case basis. After evaluation of the nature and extent of repair necessary, you will receive a quote for you to be able to make your decision on weather or not you wish to proceed. 


As we strive to deliver the highest quality and service possible, and genuinely value our relationship with you, please feel free to share any suggestion on how to improve at Thank you for helping us make our business always better! 


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