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Here are some answers to the most common questions we hear. If yours is left unanswered, please do not hesitate to connect.


How does Marbella Paris Jewel stick to the skin? Is it safe for my skin?

Marbella Paris developed her exclusive patented hypoallergenic dermo-adhesive technology (2008) in collaboration with an independent French laboratory.

Together, they created the Marbella Gloss- a dermo-adhesive, hypoallergenic, and transparent solution that allows you to wear your Marbella Jewel multiple times and with no risk of allergy. 

How many days can I expect to wear my Skin Jewel?

The Beauty of Marbella's Skin Jewels is that they are meant to last, like Jewelry, that is of course if you take reasonable care of it...After 10 applications on average, varying with skin type, the Jewel naturally becomes less adhesive. This is why we created the Marbella 'Gloss', which is a dermatologically safe glue, transparent. Apply lightly to the back of your jewel and make the magic last!

Are the Skin Jewels waterproof? What about the Temporary Tattoos?

No, the Skin Jewels are not meant to be used in the water (shower, beach). You have to take them off, like most Jewelry, before taking a shower or going swimming. 

The Temporary Tattoo line is waterproof. You can expect to wear them 3-5 days depending on the conditions. 

How do I protect my Skin Jewel when I am not wearing it?

Simply peel it off your skin and place it either on a mirror or the special protective film your Skin Jewel initially came on when you purchased it. (inside of the packaging). It will protect the adhesive quality of your Jewel so you can enjoy it multiple times.

The Jewel I want shows sold out, but I really want it. How do I get it?

Well, sorry. I guess, you are a lot to love it!  Do not worry though, we will get more. We suggest you either place a "Best Friends' group order so you share the shipping costs (from France), or you join the "Pre-Order" or "Reorder" Lists to get it shipped to you as soon as it hits the US.

Skin Jewel Luxury made in France handmade cool hot hip fashion couture


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