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Meet Adeline, Founder and President

Marbella Paris is first and foremost the story of a woman with an incredible drive and an eye for Beauty: Adeline Moniez.

After a little detour through Law School, Adeline found herself at home in the world of Fashion as a P.R. agent in Paris.

While attending a runway show, Adeline got mesmerized by a journalist’s fashion statement: a couple of small beautiful stones glued on her skin. It was breathtaking, absolutely beautiful, minimalist and so unique. That moment marked a new chapter in Adeline’s career and life.

From that night on, Adeline had only one focus: develop the technology that will enable Jewels to magically hold onto the skin, and be worn multiple times like ‘actual’ Jewels only with more fun and mystery.

Shortly after her breakthrough, in 2008, she founded Marbella Paris. (The name is a tribute to her grandfather, a painter who used to live in the glamorous city of Marbella in Andalusia)

Since then, the fairies of Jewelry, Haute Couture, Beauty, and even Design have leaned on Adeline's cradle. She has continued her ascension, partnering with the most prestigious names for special lines, runways and creations (LVMH, L’Oreal, Jean Nouvelle), and developing new lines and new innovations.

Through her brand, Adeline wishes to celebrate and empower the Women of the world who embrace their freedom and femininity. In the business, she has received many awards for her incredible entrepreneurship and taken the stand in several settings honoring Women Entrepreneurs.

Not to forget, Adeline is a beautiful woman inside out and a mother of 3! 



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